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I was doing my daily blog hop one time when I saw the logo on the side. I got curious and ask the owner of that blog if what is that logo all about. He then told me to register for the upcoming event. I really don't have any idea what is it all about until I check there website and all questions and hesitations have been answered. I immediately registered and then the next day I received an email from Vincent Golangco telling me that they are formally inviting me to be part of the Blogapalooza. The event was held at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street last September 17, 2011. There were 150 bloggers on the said event and about 50 Partners, Sponsors and Presenters on that day.

I am with my blogger friend and we arrived at the venue 30 minutes ahead of time and because of that we were lucky to have a Planner from Aquabest which is one of the Presenters on that day. Below are the Sponsors and for the very first Blogapalooza. 

 During the event each presenters where given only 5 minutes to present their products/business since the event is only for one day. Each presenters has their own way of presenting their products. Some of them arouse my interest and some of them not probably because some of the products are only for women. Lol. However, I still enjoyed the event and had so much fun.

Let me just highlight some things happened before and after the event:
  • We were one of those early birds who got extra Planner from Aquabest.
  • Bloggers link where printed on the Blogapalooza wall and I'm fortunately that mine was situated on the upper leftmost part of the wall. Take note: Naka Bold pa ha.. lolz. Ang cute tingnan noh? haha
  •  Lunch was served at 12Noon from Italiannis and Drinks are from Aquabest and Healthy First. 
  • One of the Presenters Polecats Manila showcased what they do best and that is Pole Dancing. 
  • Merienda was served by Size Matters Sausage Burgers. Really Delicious burgers. Burp!
  • My number in the event is 002.
  • I won a raffle from Blue water Day Spa. 
  • Giveaways and prizes where given by the Sponors, Partners and Presenters.
  • Goodies inside the loot bag are really amazing.
  • I love my Blue watch from Freestyle Ballers.
  • I dont have the Shift Happens shirt in my loot bag. Lol.
  • A lot of gift certificates from the Sponsors, Partners and Presenters.
  • I got a pink polo shirt from Regatta.
Below are some of the goodies inside our loot bag.

The very first Blogapalooza was a blast. I believe every Blogger, Sponsors, Partners and Presenters had so much fun during and after the event.

Blogapalooza 2 will kicked off probably by November or maybe December, hopefully I will still be included on the rooster of influential bloggers on earth. So better watch out for it!!!



  1. naks, chosen few pala ang nakakapunta sa ganyang events :D

    andaming sponsors na may pamigay ah :D

  2. another blogpalooza post ganda nman experience nito at ....

  3. wow!!! sarap naman!!

    saya siguro nyan!! goodjob xander! ^_^

  4. @khantotantra - actually mag register ka lang and then they will check your blog or something ata and then they will send you an email confirmation if invited ka nila or what...

  5. @palakanton - it was really a great experience to be with bloggers of different niche.. ang saya lang..

  6. wow ang dami naman ng giveaways... hay naku lalagay ko na yan sa kalendaryo ko hahaha
    sana akaattend di nako sa mga blogger gathering sa future

  7. alo setp 17 ung event :D ikaw na nanalo ng pampagwapo products hehehe

  8. kakainggit! sana one time makatyempo rin at makasama sa ganyang event. =)

  9. I agree! It was such a great event! Hope to have met you there but there were just too many people! =)

  10. Wow! :) Ang cool ng mga give-aways.

  11. new followers ,follow back to my nice blog please..

  12. sayang di ako nasakasama, daming sponsors hehehe...


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