Lesson Learned while Washing Clothes

I was washing my clothes this morning and was in a hurry to get it done so I can do other stuff today. I washed those clothes I wear when I go out to a party or special event, those clothes I always wear when I go out with my friends, when I go to church or when having a dinner with someone. As I keep on soaking those clothes in the bucket and squeezing it with my hands so dirt will come out, bubbles also came out every time I squeeze it. I sort of enjoying what I'm doing when a panoramic view of my life started to came out in front of me. One by one, I can clearly remember those scene of my life. There was a scene when I was still a kid trying to play with my siblings, a scene when I was in high school and had my first crush, the time I was broken-hearted, a scene when I started to lie just to keep myself away from trouble. There is also a picture of me trying to make decision which causes more problems in the end. Another scene of me seeing myself hating someone so much that I already I killed him through my mind. I wonder where it came from. I wonder why was I reminded of those incidents of my life. Those are the worst incident, the biggest mistake, the darkest side of me. 

I tear began to fall from my eyes as my mind keep on asking why. I told myself those are in the past and that's not who I am anymore. I feel guilt. I felt bad about what I did or what have I done in the past. I wipe the tear in my eye and continue washing those filthy clothes. I wish that I can also wash my life in the past. I wish I can do something about it so I wont be reminded of what happened way back. I hope that I didn't do anything bad so I wont jeopardize the goodness in me. But things already happened and it was a reason why. 

I then finished washing my clothes and hang it nicely with a hanger and then put it in the tenter fresh and clean. I then realized that negatives things happened in the past so I will be a better person. I made bad decisions before so it will help me decide better in the future. Negative things happened with a purpose so that good things will come. 

I never regret anything that happened in the past as it reflects who I am today. I believe that everything happens for a reason and with a purpose. I might not understand it today, but soon in the future. Thank God for allowing me to see the bad in me so I wont do negative things again.

I just love washing clothes. Don't you?



  1. Let me say first that you do have a lot of checkered shirts. LOL!

    I guess that's part of life. We make mistakes, and we learn from them eventually, hoping that we won't do it again.

  2. You are so right Gasoline Dude.. I dont know why lately i bought alot of checkered shirts hahahaa.. Thanks by the way...

  3. not to be sound so whatever but you seem to be very sad in your posts..are you having some problems? or worries? or what?

  4. To lift some words from Alanis Morisette.

    You live, you learn. :)

  5. i do also have a lot of checkered shirts and that photo made me smile. we may now call ourselves 'The Checkered Boys'. LOL!

    anyway, be proud of your past. coz what you are today are basically because of your experiences in the past. cheer up! you're stronger than before!

    PS: prepare your checkered trunks for our outing! :)

  6. @Mugen- thanks! thats very uplifting.. really..

  7. @SOB -- bwahahah checkered Boys? Like it.. and checkered trunks? hahaha.. lets see.. hanap muna ako ng checkered trunks.. hahaha

  8. @Mai -- seriously? nahh! im doing good.. better than ever!

  9. Yeah.. never live in regret. Importante lang naman, marunong tayong bumangon pag madapa.. natuto sa ating pagkakamali..

    Half of life is f*cking up, anyway.. making mistakes, doing stupid things.. the other half is DEALING WITH IT. :)

    Pareho lang ng paglalaba ng damit.. lahat ng dumi, naaalis. Lahat ng mantsa, natatanggal.. basta ba, labang TIDE. lol.

  10. pare-pareho ung shirts mo! heheheh. di ako mahilig maglaba eh. anyway at least ngayon mukhang papunta ka na sa tamang daan :D God bless :)

  11. tama sila... You'll learn from those mistakes and they will make you stronger para harapin yung future challanges sa buhay ^_^

  12. I learned from one of my guided meditation session last week that in order for us to move on quickly from any set-back is to think like a child. As lessons or failures unfold, we should take the lessons quickly and move on with our life. We should also stop thinking of those scenarios and be genuinely enthusiastic to live a brand new life.

    Good news is, you actually did technique number 2. You wrote on your blog what's bothering you, in a way, you have released it to the universe. Your spirit should have been calmed.

    Sige, ako na nagmemeditate. Hahaha.

    Ang hilig mo pala sa plaid. :)

  13. Me too.. when I'm washing clothes, can't help but remember the things from the past.. Sana nga pareho na lang ng paglalaba ang pagaayos ng mga pagkakamali sa buhay pero hindi kasi dito tayo natututo...

  14. ayaw mo ng checkered xander ah! heheheh!!


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