Steps on How to Take a Relaxing Bath

     Taking a bath is one of the most enjoyable things I love to do almost everyday. Sometimes, i take a bath about 3 or 4 times in one day, depending on how I feel. Baths are enjoyable, whether your doing it  as a way of cleansing yourself on a daily basis or just to relax. Personal hygiene is important so that we can maintain a good image to our community and in the eyes of people we interact everyday. Personal hygiene, like properly taking a bath, can gain better self image and self confidence. 

    Some say take taking a bath is evident, but most of them we only know the first time we learn to take a bath. 

  1. Take off your clothes and put them neatly in a clothes bin or just pile it neatly. Prepare your tub (if you have one). Make sure that the door is close and locked!
  2.  Fill your tub with water. If you don't have a bath tub, be creative if you want a relaxing bath, you can get a big bucket where you can fit in, or you can use the back of a pick up truck or if you have kids at home, use a portable pool. Just keep in mind that when you dive into that portable tub or bath tub, water will ascent. Please converse water.  If you are taking a bath before bedtime, its good to plan it, like taking a bath 90 minutes before bedtime to promote sleep. 
  3. If your planning to add bath salts, its good to add them in the bath tub prior to taking a bath, so that they dissolve completely. Use one cup on every 60 pounds you weight. 
  4. Choose your water temperature. Cold baths have appeal to some, but most prefer to relax with a hot bath. You can keep track of the temperature with a thermometer. You can set it to about a 100 degree Fahrenheit which is ideal for relaxing muscles. 
  5. While your tub is filling, you can take a body brush or loofah and brush your skin from your feet to your neck with upper strokes. This will loosen dead skin and expel your body toxins. 
  6. Deep a clean wash clothe in a cold water and lay it aside on the tub. You can use put this on your forehead if you start to feel too hot. 
  7. Just before the tub is filled, you can add a little extras to the water like a diluted essential oil, fresh or dried herbs tide in a piece of muslin or cheese cloth, 1 or 2 cups of powdered milk, or even a few bottles of beer added to the water, this is actually being used on some spas in Czech Republic. (Milk contains lactic acid that loosen dead skin).
  8. Make your tub time special by lighting candles, putting on some music or get a bottle of champagne or wine. 
  9. Get into the bath tub (slowly if it's hot). Submerge yourself up to the neck so as not to drown. You can dunk your head, but remember if its too hot, don't!. 
  10. Relax. Close your eyes and enjoy your bath. If you'd like, you can use soap or shampoo to wash yourself, but remember bath water will be full of dirt and soap after you do.
  11. Toward the end of your bath, vigorously rub your skin with a wash cloth or loofah.
  12. Take a quick cold shower to rinse off and tighten skin.
  13. Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. 
  14. Drain your bath and dry off. 

WARNING:  Pregnant woman should not take hot baths.


  1. Interesting list. Makes me want to bathe right now. How I wish we have a bath tub. XD

  2. Hi Gian.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. you can actually make a portable tub if you dont have one.. You can try on the suggestions above..lolz

  3. I wish I had one, too. I don't think the alternatives will do with me. I have no pick up truck nor do i have a portable pool. Try ko siguro yung baggage compartment sa car. lels. haha

  4. so bibili na ko ng bath tub hehehe

  5. @Xtian- hahahaa.. try different alternatives.. pwede naman yung malaking balde na pwede ka lumusaw.. hahahaaha

    @Bino- haha.. oo bili ka bathtub hahaha


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