A Lesson Learned From A Cocoon

I am in a great dilemma. I do not understand why sometimes we need to struggle so hard for us to come to a point of realization that not all things always turns good. I can't accept the fact that sometimes, we need to undergo a challenge or a rocky road for us to become a strong and better person. I am struggling. I am trying my best to survive. I am undertaking a hard road. I forgot that in life its not always good, its not always happy. Sometimes we need to struggle for us to become strong. Sometimes, we need to fight for survival. Changing outside of your comfort zone is as hard as a stone. Trying to prove yourself your good is difficult. Doing it by your own strength is the weakest thing a person ever did. 

Lately, I have been bombarded with stress, pressure from work, guilt, worries and dismay which eventually took control over my life. For a while, I've been timid and lack of self-confidence until a butterfly cocoon thought me a very good lesson. 

I found a butterfly cocoon on a plant outside my window. I took it inside the room and observed what will happen in the next few days, as I am so intrigue by its metamorphosis. I wanted to see it by my very own eyes. Today, I saw a small opening at the bottom of the cocoon. I sat and watched the cocoon for several hours as the butterfly struggled to force its body through that little hole. After a few minutes, seeing that the butterfly cannot go through that small hole, I helped the butterfly to come out from the cocoon by sniffing off a bit of the cocoon using a pair of scissors, so it will create a bigger hole for the butterfly to come out.

I can see that the butterfly is moving its way out from the cocoon. As soon as it came out from its cocoon, I can see that the butterfly's body is swollen and had a shriveled wings. I know that in time the wings would dry out, enlarge and expand to support  the swollen body and in due time the butterfly will fly with its wings. 

A few hours... neither happened...

The butterfly is still crawling around with its swollen body and shriveled wings. 


Sometimes struggles are what we need in our life. Without any struggle we will not become a right person we want to be. Without struggles, we are crippled. I understand that its not right in helping the butterfly to come out from its cocoon. By helping the butterfly I only make the butterfly's life miserable. The struggling of the butterfly to come out from its cocoon is a great requirements for the butterfly to be able to fly. It needs for the butterfly to push its body and wings on that tiny hole to force its fluid to come out. Only by struggling from that opening the butterfly can make itself ready to fly once it comes out. 

I know accepted the fact that struggling with something is a test and a preparation for a greater glory. Its like a practical exam that you need to pass so that at the end of the school year you will graduate with flying colors.

With my sincere apologies and condolence to the poor and cute little butterfly. 


  1. So the butterfly didn't survive?? Sad. :(

  2. kung puro perfect score ka lagi.. walang kwenta ang buhay mo..

    kailangan natin ng samu't-saring kaguluhan sa buhay natin para matuto tayo. those things teaches us how to be strong, how to survive and how to live our life..

  3. of course! di pwedeng di ako magcomment. :)

    We all have struggles in life. Ako din nakaranas nyan. pero i still believe na trials lang yan at syempre, malalagpasan natin yan. :)

  4. well..than you for sharing this to us..you are certainly right..challenges shape us to become a better person..that's one of God's plan for us ^^

    (im sorry for the late comments! we dont have connection the past few days and our computer has just been reformat..XD..anyway, part 5 of THE STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT'S LEFT HAND has already been released ^^_)

  5. Ang ganda pare ng moral lesson nito... daming tao ang nakakrelate dito...

  6. Tama kayong lahat.. salamat sa pag comment ..

    @Will-- yes very sad.. the butterfly didnt make it. If it did, i think it will crawl for the rest of his life and wont be able to fly..

    @Yanah -- tama ka dun.. minsan kailangan natin magkamali para matuto.. sabi nga.. learn from our mistakes.

    @Bino- salamat sa pag comment mo ha...

    @Ayu- no worries I understand.. hope all is well now on your end.

    @Moks-- oo nga sinabi mo pa...

  7. wawa naman yung butterfly... :(


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