Morning Coffee

     I woke up late today and I didn't realized that its already 1PM. This is my usual routine every time I don't have a work or if its a holiday here in the Philippines. I have the pleasure in waking up late. I don't need to get worried about rush hours every time I go to work. No need to think about the bunch of emails waiting for me every time I open my computer at work. No need to think about those calls coming from my colleagues. Today, all I want to do is to hibernate, sleep, eat, rest and a get a lot of rest. 

     I got up and get a cup of coffee and as usual sit in front of the computer writing this senseless post. Lol. 

     Anyway, while I was stirring my coffee I can see the sugar, coffee and the creamer mixed and blended well which produces a very good taste; plus the aroma makes me wanna drink more coffee.

     This is exactly the same with life. When we are in a difficulty, trials and hardships all we need to do is to blend with it. Instead of complaining and blaming others about what we are experiencing, you just need to mix properly so it will produce a very good coffee. Its means blending with the problems that we have, keep the stirring wheel of faith and believing that everything will come to an end. I am 100% sure that it will produce a better person and a better attitude in you. 

     So keep stirring! Kape na!


  1. iba talaga nagaggawa ng kape...nakakainspire...hehe

  2. OO nga Moks tama ka dyan.. sarap no..

  3. hmmm.. ang sarap mg kape kuya.. especially pag ulan.. hehe --hannah

  4. hahaha..ako naman,.surprisingly 2pm na gatas naman ang ginawang samahan pa ng pandesal..(kahit tanghali na) :D

  5. nice! ako kasi US holiday ako walang pasok like nung thanksgiving. pero ngayon, balik trabaho na uli. kape lang tayo ng kape :D

  6. @ BIno-- salamat sa pag dalaw dito... Oo kape na lang tayo ng kape..

  7. whaha yun oh. isang kape para sa tagumpay heehhe :DD

  8. greeting friendships and keep be healthy

  9. Noong una, hindi ako umiinom ng kape.. puro gatas lang ako, at Milo.( Hihi.. nag plug?) Pero nang dahil part ng trabaho ko dito, eh medyo nagpupuyat sa gabi (midnight lagi natutulog, minsan 1am or 2am na rin)... natuto akong uminom ng kape..

    Nakakatulong talaga ang kape. Lalo na yung Nescafe 3 in 1 Intense (Nag-lug ulit.. haha)... Medyo nakakawala ng antok. At swak sa panlasa ko..=)

  10. musta?

    korek! may natanggap akong quote na related din sa pag-s-stir ng kape..ika nga sa isang coffee tv ad{?}... "makes sense to me"... hehe!

    To GOD be the glory till eternity!


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