Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort in Davao City

     Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is one of the most famous resort among the locals of Davao. This is located in Samal island off the coast of Davao. This resort is good and one of the best destination for couples, family gathering and outing or even just be yourself to relax and unwind. The resort owns almost 800 meters shoreline and the only place on the part of Samal Island. If you're into a resort where every time you open your doors you will see white sand beach immediately right before your very eyes, its in this resort. Its only 7 minutes away from the traffic Metro of Davao where travelers and visitors are ferried by a fleet of ten (10) colorful boats efficiently operated by the management of the resort from 5:00 AM up to 5:00 PM. For those who wish to go to Samal Island they can still travel by a Ferry Boat which serves the public until 11PM.

     Resort owner's first priority is there guest and visitors that the reason why there safety is more important. Because of that there Safety and Security Team have a different activities for there customers.

  • Bomb Awareness Program - this exercise is undertaken yearly with the help of the Provincial Police Office of Davao Province.
  • Monthly Fire Drill - the drill is being undertaken every second Thursday of each month. This is the time when all fire fighting equipment are tested and accounted for.
  • First Aid Seminar - being conducted bi – annually before each peak season (Christmas holidays and summer).
  • Lifeguards Re – orientation - taking place just before each peak season wherein the lifeguards re – train on their swimming and life – saving techniques.
  • Sea - Tragedy Drill - a major activity which requires almost everybody and also taking place before summer and Christmas holidays.
  • Gun Handling Training - this is done once a year for the Guards to establish a routine so that they can perform effectively during emergencies.
  • Nurse on Duty - nurse on duty at the resort’s infirmary.
  • Doctor on Call - Doctor on Call from the neighboring area.
  • Security Details - Security Guards surround the Resort and augmented by the local Police during night time.
  • CCTV Cameras - CCTV cameras are installed in strategic places around the resort.


  • Kananan - is located at the beach where guest are served with breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also serve snacks and refreshments. They offer different type of cuisine from Filipino dish to International. 
  • The Beach - more than 300m of white sand where people can do a wide array of activities. They can also bring there own food and snacks and dine with family and friends.
  • Ice Cream Kiosk - Delight yourself with a wide variety of fresh tropical fruit juices, pearl and fruit shakes, frozen delights and other cool favorites. Surely, a day in Paradise Island is not complete without dropping by especially on a hot summer day.
  • Massage - A visit in Paradise is never complete without a cool and relaxing massage either at the “Baybay Masaje” at the beach or “Ba’ay Masaje” inside the comforts of our fully air-conditioned Massage Room. Open at 10:00 am and last call for massage is at 8:00 pm.
  • Children's Park -  Aside from the white sand beach and azure blue waters, Paradise Island also welcomes everybody to its park where you can spend a quiet afternoon and engage in a tête-à-tête with a friend while your kids help themselves in the playground. 
  •  Aviary - Next to the park is the aviary, a must see side trip when you are in Paradise Island. It boasts of a collection of pheasants, pigeons, parrots, eagles, lories, lovebirds, doves, hornbills and the list goes on and on as it grows bigger and bigger. 


  1. Akala ko dito yan sa Bulacan..may paradise resort din kasi dito, kaso walang bech..pool lang... nice resort...kaso ang layo dito sa Bulacan.

  2. hahahahahA>> SA Davao yan Moks.. ahehehehee...

  3. nice. ganda naman ng amenities at mukang trinetrain ang mga members nila for the customers. :D

  4. kala ko din sa bulacan yun! similar din kasi yung pangalan

  5. waaaaaaa namiss ko naman daw bigla ang davao-samal-paradise. last time pumunta ako jan.. about 2.5 years ago..
    nakakamiss ang ferry hehehehe

  6. I had fun with their airsoft game in the island together with my cousins!!!That was totally fun!!I was the only woman in the group

  7. wow really? thats cool.. your a tough woman.. hehe

  8. This place sounds fantastic. I will definitely check it out.

  9. lol cool talaga!! sarap magbaril barilan..skit nga lng konti pag ntamaan ka..di nga lng maxado halata pero i like adventures!!!jejejejejeje..

  10. May kutob akong malaki ang ibinayad sayo para sa post na ito ahehehehe

  11. @glentot-- hindi naman.. hahahahaa.. its out of love for my haha

  12. hello! may bago akong post parekoy. bisita ka ha. salamat :D

  13. @MJOMESA nasa Makati na ako now nagwowork.. been away from Davao since 2006. But ill be home this December.. hehehe...

  14. benn to davao but di pa ko nakapunta dyan.. hayy... ganda naman..

    Have a Sugary day!
    ~~~ ~~~


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