Team Building Experience: A Life Changing Activity

     Our company had its General Assembly and Team Building activity last November 15-16, 2010 at Forest Club Eco Resort in Laguna,. This is the first time I participated in this kind of activity as I am a newly hired employee in the company. This is also the first team building that I've joined that I can say, changed the way I look things, my perspective in terms of dealing with different issues at work, with co-workers and with life as a whole. I always joined team buildings before in my previous company, but its more on like eating out, having fun, drinking session with my former teammates, videoke session and some others. This time, its totally different. Aside from its an overnight stay at the resort, its also the type of activity that is surely worth keeping.

    When we arrived at the place, I really didn't like the area probably because when we arrived its raining hard at that time. The feeling of getting excited was changed with hesitations and disappointment since most of us are excited with the activities laid to us before going to the venue. After we put our bags in our sleeping area, we immediately change our outfit and prepared for the activity. We are expecting a very wet and muddy activity. Though most of us are still disappointed with the climate, we are still hoping to have a fun filled activities. Fortunately, we're not disappointed by what the resort offered. Let me tell you the different activities we've done and what I have learned that it. 

The Survival Challenge. The survival challenge is divided into different activities:

     The Log Challenge. You think that its so easy to pass by a log in the middle of a muddy pond where live catfish and tilapia is waiting for you to get wet. At first, I thought its so easy to walk freely in the log but when I reached the middle of the log, starts shaking and was almost out of control plus the log is also slippery because its soaking wet. And oh by the way, the rule of the game is that, if one member falls into the water the team will get an additional 5 minutes on the groups time. The group who accumulated more hours on each challenge loses. This challenge will surely test your skills and abilities on how you will reach the end of the log without falling down and getting wet. You can do other techniques like seating on the log or crawling.

MORAL LESSON: Never trust someone or something even if it looks strong, or looks tough not until you will put it to the test. Likewise, never trust or listen to the counsel of the wicked nor stand in the path of sinners.

     The Rope Challenge. Just like the first challenge, you just need to go to the other side of the pond, but this time using just a rope. Same rule, same process all you need to do is to be very clever on how you can pass on to this challenge. This challenge develops you trust in the rope. Its like you have nothing to hold on to, but you just give your full trust on the rope and your abilities and skills in terms of how you balance in the midst of the cheers of your opponent to fall.

MORAL LESSON: Hold on to what you have and cling to it. There will come a time that you have nothing to hold on to but just yourself. Trust and never give up.

The Raft Challenge. This challenge needs to be in pairs. All you need to do is to go to the other side of the pond using the raft and a rope as your guide. This time you and your partner should work on how you will balance and not fall. Unfortunately our team fails to get the highest score as our team falls into the pond twice.

Team A versus Team B. Preparing and planning there strategies on how to be the first to go to the other side and then go back.

This challenge needs balancing, not only you but also with your partner. I needs technique on how to balance and not fall.

Unfortunately, we're the first pair to dive into the water. Lol

     Well, life is really a tough competition. You need to be clever in anything and in everything you do. You need to focus on what's your main goal in order to survive and win whether its for a personal motive or your team aim to win. Being in a group of people whose aim is not really to win but to help and carry each others burden. Even our opponent cheers us to get into the game, finish it and survive.

     After the Survival Challenge, we move to Trust Challenge. A different set of game. Different rules and also means, we need to change our tactics and techniques on how to will deal with the upcoming change. First challenge is to turn the tarpaulin upside down without touching the ground. Seven members of the team is on top of the tarpaulin and all they need to do is to turn it upside down using their foot. Every time one member touches the ground, the team needs to start all over again. Trust in your team mates and listening to the instruction is all you need in this challenge.

     There are other challenges that we had during our stay in Forest Club Eco Park. You can access some of the pictures here. It was a very fun filled day, even if we got bruised and wounded we are still satisfied and happy for we know that even if were in pain we learn something important, something we valued; lesson that cannot be wasted but something worth keeping.


  1. ang ganda ng challenges sa team building nio. Grabe. Parang gusto ko ng ganyang activities. Outdoors kung outdoors :D

  2. nice team building pare! mahina ako sa balanse kaya naman siguradong lalaglag ako sa mga challenges na yan :D

  3. @Khantotantra -- oo masaya tlaga.. try nyo..

    @Bino- oo nga ehh.. akala mo madali lang pero ang hirap pala.. hahaha.. madulas pa kasi umuulan.. meron pa kaming ginawang canopy walk.. mahirap din kasi madulas.. cguro mga 20-30 feet ang taas nung canopy. haha.. di ko na nailagay.. masyadong mahaba na kasi.. haha

  4. wow.. u must really have a great time.. i love to try those challenges too.. those are exciting..

  5. @juicekodai -- yeah i did.. super fun!

  6. Thank you for holding your team building activity in Forest Club. And I am glad you enjoyed your stay. We featured your visit on our web site. You may see this at

    Hope to see you and your company again soon.

  7. ito talaga ang nagagawa ng isang team building.. to more u close to the team and to get to know more on your personality :D

  8. ang saya saya naman yan!!!!!! :)

  9. natry ko na yang raft challenge na yan.. twice kaming nahulog.. galaw ng mga katabi ko...

  10. Challenging and exciting team building! I'm sure you had a blast.

  11. Hi - looks like a lot of fun.

    I've recently started a website on team building where groups like yours can share your team building experiences.

    I'd love you to share your story - just go to and follow the ‘add your team building stories’ link. Thanks, Alison.

  12. Hi Ali, Thanks for having an interest in this post. Ill share this story on your blog.

  13. Niceee. I hope we could have our team building here. =)

  14. Niceee. Sana makapag-team building din kami jan. =)

  15. @ Tsina maganda mag team building dyan..

  16. nice! never been to this play. perfect for team building indeed.


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