Couldn't Last A Moment Without You


I just woke up last night saying your name
I thought I can carry the burden without your love and I'm starting to get insane
My life was fine before I knew you
And then you came and said: "I will never leave you".

But one day you just said: "Im leaving".
To the place unknown you want to make a great living.
Do you know how hard it is to start a life without you?
I wish you know that before asking me to love you

You know that when were together
My life is getting better
I can smile to anyone
Without faking it and its really fun

I can walk down the street with my head up high
Knowing that you are always and I will never sigh
I can hold your hand and hug you in public
Just want to let the world knows that loving you is a magic

And now you're gone forever
What will I do with my life that's in perfect slumber
It's killing me imagining that you'll not coming back and in a great sunder
Oh baby please never let go of me cause I'll surely die from down under

Thinking I could still walk down the street
With head up high is impossible to meet
Now that you're not here by my side
Alone in the night, I wish you're love I can abide

Wish this agony will be over
I cannot live a life like this forever
So please save me from this misery
Cause I couldn't last a moment without you my Baby.


  1. Nice flow of words po tapos cathcy rhymes :)

  2. ohh sad :/ very often we should get the best out of every blissful moments we‘re having cause we will never know when it lasts. how are you na sir xander?

  3. @IAMJOROSS -- thanks a lot. Im just experimenting. Not that poetic type of person though. Pero i think once youre in a very down situationa dn broken hearted you will create such poems. Lol. |emo mode.. haha

  4. @ken- i agree with you. Well, plastic ako kung sabihin ko ok ako. pero i think the right term is im learning and standing still..

  5. tula na naman! at inggles! nosebleed ako pero ang ganda ah. para kanino kaya to? hmmmmm hehehhhe

  6. salamat sa pasyal. tama, were on the same boat talaga. my sympathies. im just reminding myself to be wary this time since I learned a lot when things happened upside down.

    sabi nga nung isang indian blogger na finafollow ko “love never has any ending, but a new beginning every second.” :))

  7. @Bino-- hahaha oo inggles na naman. Umeeffort sa paggawa ng tual in english haha...mag online ka na kaya sa gtalk at wala ako makausap sa office. bwahaha

  8. @Ken- salamat din sa time na bumisita ka at nag comment. tama yung indian blogger na yan.. hehhee

  9. coping with heartbreak, hirap nyan. sabi nga nila, time can heal a wounded heart. hehehe..

  10. @Bloggingpuyat -- sinabi mo pa.. pero kailangan mag move on diba at mabuhay muli..

  11. aww, bakit broken hearted? na sad naman ako.. :(

  12. It will pass, xander boy. Makikita mo rin ang dapat para sayo. hehehe

  13. Awwww.... anong nangyari? Fiction ba to or based on a true story? hehe... Ang sad naman ng poem, Xander.. ang lalim ng iabng words, nosebleed ako. hehe.. Anyway, everything will turn out fine.. You just have to hold you head up high and keep the faith.

    Good morning, Xander. :)

  14. Great post. you make the words dance:)

  15. @kringles - ganun talaga minsan kailangan masaktan upang matoto at upang maging matatag at matapang.

  16. @empi- salamat tol.. oo kaya ko to at matatagpuan ko din sya. baka sumabit lang at may kausap sa kanto wahaha..

  17. @leah-- kamusta ka na? buti naman nakadalawa ko. na miss nakita. Hmm oo panibagong sakit. panibagong saya at panibagong buhay. haha.. nosebleed ba? ngee simple words nga lang ehh.. and hindi yan fiction.. facts yan and lahat totoong pangyayari. hahaha.. ganun cguro pag medyo emo tayo ehh in 5 minutes nakakagawa ka ng poem o di kaya isang bagay na hindi normal. wahaha

  18. @Sunnytoast- thanks for the comments. Yeah I can see the words dancing and im loving it. Thanks for dropping by.

  19. Hmmmm sino siya Best? You have expressed your emotions well in this poem. I pray that you will find the best one for you ....soon.


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