I Choose Not To Be Discouraged

I choose not to be discouraged
To be sad, or cry
I choose not to be downhearted
And below are the reasons why

I have God above all
Who is merciful and mighty
He never leaves me when Im down and fall
He always love me forever and faithfully

I have my family who cares for me
Accepted me even if I have flaws
They never judge me because I'm "me"
But loves me even if I growls.

My true friends are also there
Who will stick to me to the very end
They will stop me specially when I'm frail
And we'll cherish that promise that no one could ever bend

I choose not to be discouraged
Because there is nothing to worry about
God already have this burden carried
A long time ago, I remember on that mount


  1. Yeah. It is all of us who must not be worried. God is good!

  2. Perfect reflection to end my busy working days. when things like this knock on my door I grab my music phone and listen to Win by brian mcknight. It always remind me to never give up and that life is good:)

    Great post! happy weekends!

  3. So inspirational. All things said are all fact. :)

  4. @SunnyToast - yeah thats a good reflection. have a great weekend.

  5. Di nga daw natutulog ang Diyos.

    God Bless pre!

  6. di ko nakita to'ng update na to sa blogroll ko. pero ang ganda ng poem. ikaw na makata!

  7. @bulakbolero - oo nga tma ka dyan. gising na gising sya.

  8. @Bino- ako ay makata. hindi ko sinasadya. haha

  9. aww... i lavet... thanks for sharin' diz... i needed it... take care po... Godbless!


    anonymous na lang... lazy to sign in =)

  10. I agree to their words.. We should lean on to God.. And let His ways be done..


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