Nothing Shall Separate us from His Love

Life at times is difficult, often it is painful, and most of the time it is imperfect. Most of us complain about what we've been through and the roads that we undertake is hard as hell.

While I was walking down the street this morning on my way home, I saw this small christian bookstore stuffed with different books, reading materials and posters. One poster that caught my attention is the one marked with the slogan "Life is good." Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that simple truth. We need to remind ourselves that living a life of happiness and contentment is great.

Most of us are busy woking to live, go to the gym to maintain good health and fitness, we raise our family to the last strength we can give, we manage our relationship and stick together but in the end all this things will overwhelm us. When that time comes its good to think about how small our part in the universe really is.

While we are busy and obsess over our work, God also quietly does His. He keeps the earth rotating, the planets revolve, the stars in its right place, and the seasons changing. God doesn't ask our help to have this things working. But still he makes the sun rise every morning and then set in the evening. Imagine, He change the patterns of the light in the evening so we can go to sleep and then turns it on again to remined us that its time for us to work and play. Imagine how the weather changes every year without asking him to do it. Its like everything is change on schedule. We dont need to pray about it or tell God that its time to send the rain. All this things reminds you and me that He is good.

This things only shows how God loves us so much that no matter what we did, He still promise that nothing shall separate us from God's lavish expression of love.

Start to live your life. Thank God for every blessings and never forget to share God's love.

A Blessed and fruitful day everyone!!!

God's grace is immesureable; His mercy inexhaustible; His peace inexpressible.


  1. pansin ko sa mga post mo maxadong religious...

    to tell you honestly gusto ko xa basahin kaya lang napaka maka diyos kaya di ko sinasabi.

    skeptic kasi ako eh.. hehe!

    pero good job!

  2. @Bino- online na ako.. kanina pa hahaha..

  3. @shenanigans-- ahh ganun po ba? salamat at binabasa mo pa din mga post ko.. inspiring naman kasi ehh.. Thanks ulit.

  4. Lagi tayong magpasalamat sa Kanya. :)

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I need it! :)
    Often times I forget. But He never does.


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