A Letter to My Brother

 MAKATI, Philippines -- Today, July 23, 2011 is my brother's birthday. His the eldest in the family. I can say that me and my brother have that "frienemies" kind of relationship when we were still kids. I believe his 2 years older so we basically almost grow together. What I really dont like about having an older brother is that you'll inherit every clothes, shoes and other stuff that your older brother doesn't wear or use. In short, tagapag-mana ng tira-tirang damit. However, in our case my parents make it sure that what my older brother have, I'll also get. Like one time our parents bought us this terno shirt and short. We have the same shirt (but different in color), same shorts (different in color), same shoes (different size..of course). Worst right? I am like a copy cat of my brother. Anyways, it doesn't really bother me as I always look up to my brother. He has been my idol aside from my father.

Anyways, since I am away from home and I can't be with my family to celebrate his birthday, I decided to write him a letter. This is actually the second letter I wrote for my brother. The first one was when we had a major conflict/issue/war about something/someone (I am not sure if you can still remember that bro! hekhek). Remember bro, the letter I left on the refrigerator with your name on it so you can notice that its for you and read it? Hope so... Hindi pa uso ang email noon at ang blogging, kaya sulat kamay ang eksena natin dati.

A Love Letter to My Brother

Dear Brother,

I don't get the chance to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I LOVE YOU. I always look up to you as a brother who is always there for me and for our two younger siblings. I hope you know how much I value the relationship we have. As always, I am still wondering how lucky I am to have a brother like you. I am thankful that God gave you to me. I can say that we were different when we were still a kid. Every time I look back and reminisce the past, you can never erase the smile on my face. Why? Because of so many things. We are not that close when we were young. We are enemies in fact. We're not even playmates when we were still a kid. I can say that I think you dont like me to be a playmate. Lampa kasi ako noong bata pa ako. However, it doesn't stop me from loving you as a brother. I can feel that you are always there. I may not see it but you are there. I can feel the love and care and the sincerity of your heart.

I want you to know that I am proud of you. What you achieved right now is something that I have been praying for. I am happy that you became a proud father to your son and daughter. I am happy that you become a better person that God wants you to be. I know how proud our parents are because of that.

Brother, I haven't said this before and I regret for not telling this to you - IM SORRY. Sorry for in one way or another I failed you. I caused you so much pain in the past and inflict you with guilt. What happened in the past made me realized that blood is thicker than water. I also realized that my love to you as a brother will always comes first more than anything and I am willing to give up my own happiness and life for my brother and to your children. Nakakatawang balikan at isipin na ang nangyari sa atin noong nakaraan ay parang eksena sa isang pelikula. Hindi man naging maganda ang katapusan ng pelikula ngunit nananaliti pa ring matatag ang relasyon nating magkuya.

I can still remember, I am the first person you told me when you had a first girlfriend. I was happy. I wish I could turn back time and have that type of closeness again. I miss our smalls talks before. I miss the laughter and the kulitan with our siblings. I remember people always called us the unbeatable brothers kasi magkasama tayo at magkasabay sa kulitan at kalokohan. I wish we can regain that. I know I have this awkward feeling after what happened in the past but I know its not yet the end.

I may not always tell you but I hope you know how special you are to me, how much i appreciate the friendship between us and how many times I feel proud to have you, such a kind generous brother.

And today, I hope you know all the good things I wish for you and all the love that in my heart for one very special brother. Thank You!

Have a Blessed Birthday Brother!!!


Little Brother


  1. oh ang bait mo naman....... happie bday sa kanya :D

  2. happy birthday kuya..ang sweet mo naman! nag sorry ka pa talaga..nice and very touchy naman.....naiiyak na ako...

  3. @iya- naiiyak nga ako habang sinusulat ko ehh.. di ko mapigilan.. hehe

  4. at gaya ng sinabi ko , sana may brother din ako. Happy birthday sa kanya :)

  5. @Bino - maraming salamat.. Masaya pag may brother ka. Naiyak si Kuya nang mabasa niya ang post na ito.. heheeh natutuwa naman ako at na appreciate niya ginawa ko..

  6. Wow.. Ang sweet mo kuya Xander.. Blood is indeed thicker than water and as times go by, the two of you will value each other more, more so, that you're far away from one another.. :)

  7. Awwwww... sweet! Nabasa na ba nya ito? Awww, iniimagine ko yung reaction nya.. I'd bet he's nearing tears na rin.. :)

    Happy happy birthday sa Kuya mo, Xander.

  8. Happy Birthday sa kanya, wow ano kaya feeling nunng may blog post tunkol sa birthday --- aw kakatouch :)

  9. @Zen- oo blood is thicker than water talaga..miss ko nga kulitan namin ng Kuya ko ehh..pero ngayon ma masaya na kasi kakulitan ko na anak niya..geghe

  10. @Leah -- his already in tears whle reading it.. sabi pa nga niya na hindi siya iiyak sa bday niya pero naiyak pa din siya.. hahaahaha.,..

  11. @Ate Zyra-- thanks po.. hmmm masaya po may blog post tungkol sa birthday.. im making another one for my mom naman.. Birthday niya Bukas..

  12. Hmn... your brother is so lucky having you around. I could almost relate to the story except the "letter part" where I did also wrote and yet the only response I got from him was "ano 'to drama?".

    But as we grow older, things change. Maturity. That's the best part of being brothers. It's never too late I guess.

    Belated happy birthday to him and a happy weekend to you! I wish you'd be my kid brother too. :)


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